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  • Requests returning 400 Bad Request

    Hello, we are using Company API -, and we started getting 400 Bad Request today. It worked fine yesterday. Nothing has changed on our side. We even tried firing a request from developer portal, but got the same result. Could you please advise? Thanks

    Status: Proposed | Reported by Hidden Sat, 27 Nov 2021 08:33:31 GMT
  • Accessing Very Large Data Blocks (100K+ records)

    I try to access large data blocks (100k + records). I follow the guidance on the 'GS1 US Data Hub API Developer Portal User Guide 5.1' to use modified date as a filter. But neither 'ModifiedDate' nor the 'ModifiedStart'/'ModifiedEnd' mentioned in the manual worked as a query search term. I am wondering what would be the correct format of applying the ModifiedDate as filter using the API(datetime format) and what would be some other possible query search term we could use to filter.

    Status: Proposed | Reported by Hidden Wed, 08 Sep 2021 16:13:11 GMT
  • V5 Bulk api returning same 100 rows when queried with any EntityGLN

    I was recently trying to use the V5 Bulk api by passing the ENtityGLN as a parameter. The entity GLN passed was also retrieved from the V5 api when passing BrandName as a parameter. However, irrespective of what EntityGLN we passed, we got the same set of 1000 rows as the response. This did not make much sense to me. Can you please guide me on the same?

    Status: Proposed | Reported by Hidden Mon, 26 Jul 2021 16:26:03 GMT

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